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Workers Supervising Construction

Why Join CSI?

You should be in CSI if you're an architect, a specifier, a product representative, a contractor, or any other kind of construction professional, and you want to know more than your piece of a project. CSI members have an in-depth understanding of construction because what they know goes beyond their job. They spend time with professionals from other fields, and learn how they fit with the rest of the building team. They are experts in the process of identifying real world building product solutions, communicating those solutions in construction documents, and ensuring that all the members of the construction team are building the facility the owner wants and is paying for. Their employers benefit from their ability to see everyone's role in a project, and because CSI members can deliver on time and on budget.

Blue Print


You author, manage, or communicate building information; to create, interpret, or use construction documents; or to educate, support, or assist the construction industry.

Conversation between Colleagues

Emerging Professional

You have less than three years experience in any of the industries that are associated with CSI.

Reading Together


You are a full-time student in a construction-related curriculum.

**$55 Local Chapter dues in addition to national dues structure**

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