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Resources & Education Opportunities

Construction Education & Certification with CSI Suncoast Chapter.png


CSI is the construction community's authority on project communication and construction documentation. Through CSI's Certification Program, you can strengthen and demonstrate your understanding of the entire construction process, and concrete skills in:

  • Construction documentation development and administration 

  • Specification writing and enforcement 

  • Product research and sourcing 

  • Communication with the design and contracting teams

CDT Certification Badge.png


Earning a Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) certification proves you have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively interpret and communicate construction documentation. 

CCCA Badge from CSI.png


Earn your Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) certification to demonstrate your knowledge of developing, administering and enforcing construction documentation.

CCPR Badge from CSI.png


A Certified Construction Product Representative (CCPR) is more than a sales rep – you’re a valued resource called upon by design teams because you understand construction documentation and speak their language.

Certified Construction Specifier Badge from CSI.png


Attaining the Certified Construction Specifier (CCS) certification validates that you’re a skilled product researcher who knows how to identify cost-effective, efficient solutions – and communicate those through specifications.

                                                                  CERTIFICATION OPPORTUNITIES

10 Ways You, Your Company, and Your Customers Benefit From CSI Certification

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  1. Recognition throughout the industry of your education, knowledge, experience with construction documents 

  2. Career advancement potential 

  3. Contribute to the development of more effective documentation processes and practices (that will keep you out of court or will stand up in court) 

  4. Greater confidence in your authority and responsibility as part of a project delivery team

Your Company:

  1. Increased staff loyalty and productivity 

  2. Set benchmarks for hiring and promotion 

  3. Cost-effective professional development for your team that trains them to work from one body of knowledge

You, Your Company, AND Your Customers:

  1. Fewer change orders 

  2. Increased likelihood of projects delivered on time and on budget 

  3. Collaboration with a trusted resource

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